The Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life is a Pro-Life group for Priests. It was founded in June 2004 by Fr Timothy Finigan to unite Catholic priests in the UK in their pro-life work and to support them in the pro-life aspects of their priestly ministry.

Aims and Objectives of the APGL

  • As a part of the priestly life to offer prayer, sacrifice and witness to promote the gospel of life. Members undertake to offer one Mass each year for the protection of human life
  • To support, encourage and where appropriate, advise, lay Catholics who are involved with pro-life work
  • To keep priests informed about legal, social and scientific developments in the field of pro-life activity
  • To provide a network for priests involved in pro-life work or interested in becoming more involved
  • To proclaim the Gospel of Life in our parishes and in the media. To offer help to those facing crisis pregnancies or end-of-life dilemmas